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Farmers Blend Coffee – a Vietnamese specialty


Drip, drip, perfection.

My name is Dietmar Vogelmann, the past 6 years I am living now in Vietnam where I am finally able to follow my passion. COFFEE. I am married to a beautiful Vietnamese women and we have a 2.5 year old little boy. My education is hospitality but my love for coffee, is finally the work i am able to do here. Vietnam is currently the 2nd biggest coffee producer in the world but very little know for its great product. We are here to change this….

Vietnam, a country suffering in the past, is now ready to stand on its own feet. We, foreigner which live here, need to give a helping hand on this (at least every once in a while). In my case, i try to do this in the worlds most consumed beverage, again COFFEE. Vietnam has a great coffee culture, however, due to the lack of education and greedy global players – a lot of coffee consumed by Vietnamese people is “fake” enriched with chemical flavors, coloring and even steroids and soy bean. Farmers Blend Coffee set a mission to bring clean, 100% natural and sustainable coffee to the people here and as a matter of fact, turn around the global image of Vietnamese Coffee.


What We Need & What You Get

Farmers Blend Coffee was established in November 2014 – we have a full setup of machinery and other equipment. However, we have no more liquidity to raise the bar at the moment. We need 10000 USD more which we like to put in a marketing campaign (we like to produce a movie on Vietnamese Coffee, from crop to cup, how to grow and brew this delicacy etc…incl. living and working conditions of minority people in the highlands etc…) as well as in promotion material, hand outs and the organization of local events such as “Organic Markets” etc. to promote our product and sustainable coffee / products in general in Vietnam. At the moment we are one of the only Coffee Roasters in Vietnam which is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. We source our coffee directly from local farms in the central highlands and have a great network of awesome people growing coffee to support family and make their living in a difficult environment. Big players such as Nes****, Star**** and other control the market and therefore the prices and the wages of local farmers. Obviously this is kept to a minimum.

By supporting & funding our campaign and to get things done we offer a few perks for all people funding our idea.

Visit our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign:


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