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A quick Guide to kitesurfing in Mui Ne.

Kite surfing or Kite boarding is very popular in Mui ne due to the great wind we get throughout most of the year (High season is Oct-May). On the back of this many kite schools have sprouted up along the main beach in Mui ne, usually attached to a hotel or guesthouse. Prices vary from school to school as does the different levels of safety and teaching.

If your visiting from outer space or are not familiar with kite surfing, it is the practice of getting pulled along the water, standing on a board while being pulled by a huge kite/sail that is connected by cheese cutter wire 25m away from you, and can best be described as wake-boarding on steroids.

Before you sign on the dotted line and begin your lessons have a good think about what you expect to get out of it as firstly it is not a cheap sport to learn and secondly, i’ts not a cheap sport to take up!!!

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 Here is a quick list of what to think about beforehand:

Do you have enough time?

Squeezing all the theory into a 5 minute rapid fire rant is not what you really need when connecting yourself to what is, in effect a parachute, albeit a ground based one. ( Realistically you need 8 hrs of instruction as a basis which would be split over 3 days or more.)

Do you have enough money?

f wonga is a little tight and your travelling on a shoe string then this will probably not be the thing for you. With the average cost of a 1 hr tuition coming in at around 50$ the cost of your kiting package can get rather expensive.

Do you really want to learn or just a little bored?

I often ask my students if they are really interested in learning this sport as it’s quite an investment financially and time wise. If your just a little bored, and Mui Ne can get that way sometimes, maybe it’s better to try something not so involved like surfing or SUP which most of the kite schools offer as well

If your answer to all three questions was an astounding “YES” then you are ready to take the plunge but hold your horses. It’s not a case of strapping yourself in and shooting across the water at breakneck speeds just yet!!! All good instructors will start the lessons with the theory side of things and believe me, there is quite a lot to cover. So don’t get deflated  if after 2 hours into the lesson your kite is still firmly on terra firma.

The basic structure of a lesson is broken down into different parts and only when you show competency in the current area will the instructor move on to the next.

























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