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A Quick Guide to Surfing in Mui Ne

Yes folks, you read that right, Surfing in Mui Ne. Now don’t go and get all excited and think you are going to be sharing the wave with the likes of John John Florence and Kelly Slater. Right from the off I will say that the waves are generally wind swell ( Unless there is a monster storm somewhere close) and it’s generally quite messy but there are some good breaks around Mui ne and beyond for both stand up paddle and surfing.

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Main Beach (Mui Ne)

Generally a shore break and very dumpy so not good at all for surfing (unless it is low season, May-Oct) when the wind comes from the other direction.

Little Buddha.

Located opposite Sea Links Hotel on the way out of town towards Phan Thiet, Little Buddha started forming one of the best waves after the hotel built a walkway into the sea. The wave forms off of this and continues into the sheltered lagoon. Taking off in front of the rocks is for intermediate to advanced riders only as it can go very wrong! Beginners can get a great long boarding wave as the wave reforms in the middle of the sheltered bay.

This place gets busy in the late morning and early evening so be an early bird and get there at sun up to get the best conditions.

Hon Rom (Malibu Beach)

This wave works best in the high season (Oct-May) and is a good general all round wave for surfing and SUP. Its a huge beach so no problems with getting some space of your own. People say that along different parts of the beach the wave forms better so once there look where the other dudes and dudettes are surfing.

Suoi Nuoc  Beach.

This beach is located on the way to the white sand dunes and on good conditions gets a great swell and wind. The annual SSS Surf and SUP Competitions have been held here hosted by Jibes Beach Club.

Phan Rang.

The best waves can be found further North (3-4hrs) in Phan Rang where the waves break onto a solid bedrock reef. There are a number of tours running up to this area or you can do it on your own but beware, some of the spots are pretty “out of the way” and going with someone who knows the area well will maximize your time on the water. This place also has some of the best wind conditions in Vietnam so it really has everything a water lover craves.

Here is a short list of Schools offering Surfing and SUP, please email me to add your school and logo to the list.



Africa Kiteschool



 MKS Kiteschool

MKS Kiteschool

Jibes Beach Club

Jibes Beach Club










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