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Vietnam’s Mobile Internet Speeds 2nd Slowest In The World


Published on Wednesday, 06 May 2015 13:15 Written by Saigoneer.

According to a recent survey by global bandwidth testing company Ookla, Vietnam’s 3G speeds are some of the worst on Earth.

According to Thanh Nien, Vietnam ranked 114 out of 115 countries surveyed by the company with mobile internet speeds measured at 1.67 Mbps.

“Mobifone topped the country’s Internet service providers with an average download speed of 3.11 Mbps, followed by Vinaphone with 2.89 Mbps, and Viettel with 1.23 Mbps.

Geographically, Hanoi was first with 3.67 Mbps, followed by Ho Chi Minh City with 3.27 Mbps and Hai Phong with 2.77 Mbps,” wrote the paper.

These speeds fell behind neighboring countries such as Laos (3.33 Mbps), Cambodia (5.85 Mbps) and Thailand (5.41 Mbps).

New Zealand claims the fastest mobile data speeds with 26.41 Mbps while Ukraine ranked last at 1.51 Mbps.

However, German research firm GfK and Buu Dien newspaper released a “controversial survey” last week that found nearly all Vietnamese 3G subscribers are content with the service.

Critics have panned the survey, claiming that all the respondents were from Vietnam’s major cities and didn’t represent the poor experience of those outside of the country’s urban centers.

A report from cloud service provider Akami Technologies, Inc. released earlier this year found that the country’s internet connection speeds ranked near the bottom in the Asia-Pacific region.

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