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Her hand in marriage was given in exchange for a bountiful piece of the Vietnamese kingdom. Centuries later, the Princess lives on in memories and legends, as do the charm and customs of her fascinating land.

A 150-km drive from Ho Chi Minh City, set on the secluded and pristine Ke Ga Bay, facing a century-old French light house, the PRINCESS D’ÂN-NAM Resort & Spa is the first all-villa luxury boutique resort in Vietnam.

Designed by award-winning architect Tan Hock Beng, the resort style mixes modernist sensibility and post colonial ambience. With its 48 exclusive villas, four swimming pools, two restaurants, and a sumptuous 1,800–square-meter spa complex, PRINCESS D’ÂNNAM Resort & Spa is an idyllic haven of calm and luxury. An international management team supported by well-trained Vietnamese staff offers personalized attention, including 24-hour in-villa service, and elevates cuisine to an art-de-vivre.

At PRINCESS D’ÂNNAM Resort & Spa, you will be surrounded by things of beauty and moments of privilege, and the inherent grace and hospitality of its people.

Tel:  +84  3845 5990  /   Fax: +84  3845 5991  /  Address: Hon Lan, Tan Thanh Commune, Ham Thuan Nam

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