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Bull With Flaming Horns Destroys Idiot Who Taunts It

Of all the places in the world to do something incredibly stupid, being in the middle of an enclosed arena whilst stood opposite a severely p*ssed off bull is probably the worst. Now imagine adding flaming horns into the equation; truly the stuff of nightmares. Although it sounds like something any normal human would shy well away from, one unnamed idiot managed to find himself in that exact situation, and to say he did something incredibly stupid would be a huge understatement.

At the start of the video the man is seen to be waving his hands around quite confidently and taunting the bull, who manages to keep a relatively cool head, or at least as cool as you could expect him to be with his horns on fire; obviously.  All seems to be going well for the man until for whatever reason, he decides to grab a handful of sand and throw it towards the 800kg raging bull staring him in the face. The bull, who kindly gives the guy a couple of seconds to realise just how much he’s f*cked up, then hurls himself towards the man, who by this point has attempted to retreat up a small set of steps. The bull has other plans however, and nonchalantly trots up the stairs and smashes him the back with his flaming horns, sending him flying back down the stairs into an embarrassing heap of sheer stupidity on the ground.

Thankfully his undoubtedly unimpressed mates managed to drag him out of the arena before more serious harm is inflicted, but it just goes to show that if you mess with the bull, you get the (flaming) horns.

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