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Open Tour Buses

One of the most popular modes of transport for visitors to Vietnam, particularly among budget travelers, are the OPEN BUS that operate between all the major stops on the tourist routes. OPEN BUS has become the most popular mode of transport for any backpacker passing through the country. We offer a good service whose hop-on, hop off system is flexible to suit travelers who want to stay longer or shorter in one town as long as they want.

Normal bus tickets between HCMC and Mui Ne 0R Mui Ne and Nhã Trang cost just under $5, Sleeper bus tickets cost $6-$8. Unethical ticket sellers may raise the ticket price for individual customers and pocket the difference.

Most open tour buses depart from Mui Ne at 2pm and arrive in HCMC or Nha Trang around 7pm. In high season, buses also depart from Mui Ne at 2am and arrive in both cities between 6am and 7am. Warning: drivers are notorious for skipping this 2am stop if you have already paid for your ticket at the head office.

The reason is because the stop adds extra time to the route between HCMC and Nha Trang–and they have nothing to gain if you have already paid and they can not pocket (steal) your ticket money.

Most open tour buses depart from HCMC between 7:30-8:30am and again around 8pm. Additionally, Tam Hanh has a bus at 1.30pm. The trip to Mui Ne once took only 3hrs but now lasts between 5 and 6hrs, due to increased traffic, poor vehicle maintenance and police roadblocks. Like HCMC, buses departfrom Nha Trang around 7:30am and 8pm, arriving in Mui Ne 5 to 6hrs later.

Despite a new road to cut transport time down between Dalat and Mui Ne, most companies still use the older, longer route through Phan Rang in order to cut down the number of buses needed to service Nha Trang, Dalat and Mui Ne.

We would recommend you use Sinh Tourist as their service is far superior to all the other companies and they have a very informative and easy to use site.


Address of Sinh Cafe Office in Mui ne: 144  Nguyen Dinh Chieu St.,Ham Tien Ward (KM 16)
Tel:  +84.62.3847542  /  Fax: +84.62.3847656     Opening Hours: 07:00am/ 22:00pm

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