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Explore Mui Ne Through Intrepid Travel Writer and Photographer, Mark Bowyer

“I started Rusty Compass as a travel blog about Vietnam and Cambodia with a selection of videos and slideshows back in 2009. ”

“Since then it’s been transformed into a comprehensive independent online resource for travellers who want to take more than a suntan or a token souvenir away from their holiday. Our listings and recommendations are created with you, the traveler in mind. We don’t accept payments for listings. We only list the things we think are worth knowing about.”

“I was raised in Australia in the western Sydney suburb of Auburn and I’ve been travelling in Asia since 1988. ”

“In 1990 I was aboard the first post-Vietnam War Qantas flight from Australia to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). Vietnam was at a turning point, emerging from decades of centrally planned privation. It was a turning point for me too – I was immediately captivated by the the people and their evolving story.”

“In 1993 I co-founded Australian small group travel company Travel Indochina with school friend Paul Hole, and moved to Ho Chi Minh City. It was the start of a romance with Asia that has continued to this day.”

“I left Travel Indochina in 2006.”

“Rusty Compass is providing me with a chance to indulge my love of travel and my fascination with the amazing change that is taking place across Asia. I spend half my time lost in the extraordinary history of these countries and the other trying to process how they’re evolving and where they’re headed. ”

“Rusty Compass is about trying to process these things too – all the while with a great affection for the people who live here.”

“There’s plenty of “crowd sourced” travel information on the internet. Think of Rusty Compass as something rather more personal and rather more homespun.”

“I hope you find my recommendations useful and Rusty Compass a resource that brings some deeper context and understanding of the places you plan to visit.”


Mark Bowyer
Rusty Compass

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