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In Search of the Eternal Summer

Looking for the perfect spot for your next vacation where you will not only hang on the beach but do something? Let us present you the Asian Hawaii – Mui Ne – paradise not only for surfers and kitesurfers but everyone who loves the ocean and sandy beaches, tropical fruits and fresh seafood.

Where is Mui Ne situated?

Only 3-4 hours ride from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh in a comfortable sleeper bus and the road is winding along the coast, climbing uphill to ancient towers left by the Cham civilization, and finally going down to the white crescent of sandy beaches, known as the Mui Ne bay.

Mui Ne or Ham Tien?

Did you know that Mui Ne itself is nothing but a fishing village? The secluded beach to the south of Vietnamese fishermen shelter rapidly developed over the past 20 years into one of the most popular tourist areas in Vietnam. The first travelers were camping on the sand under the shade of thousands of coconut trees in the early 1990s, but the place was too beautiful to remain neglected.

That part of coast where all the resorts are lining up along the main street for approximately 15 km is actually called Ham Tien.  Hotels and resorts are located mainly on the beach side while restaurants, shops and budget accommodation are on the opposite side. Mui Ne has become more relaxed alternative to the lively Nha Trang and is so unique that it is not really competing with other destinations.

One of the best resorts of Viet Nam

So what causes travelers rave about this place?  

Firstly, location. Only a few hours drive from Ho Chi Minh and its international airport, Mui Ne is a perfect match for both tourists who are tired of flying planes and Saigoneers, willing to go to the beach for a weekend. Buses leave to Mui Ne several times a day and cost only 5-6 US dollars which is a pleasant alternative to domestic airport’s hustle, search of connecting flights and expensive plane tickets. Taxi prices depend on vehicle type and the season, but also are affordable. It is also very easy to get around in Mui Ne – metered taxis can be found everywhere or you can rent motorbike. Most places are actually within walking distance.

Secondly, good weather. There is no popular activities like diving or snorkeling, but when central Vietnam is drowning under tropical rainfall and gets hit by storms, Mui Ne stays safe and dry. The sand dunes have created a unique micro climate and even during the rainy season (from June to September), the rain does not disturb the tourists that much. This town is famous for all-year-round good weather and the lowest amount of precipitation in Vietnam. The average day temperature is always around +30C , and goes down to +23-25C in the night.

Thirdly, diversity. Although Mui Ne is considered mainly as kitesurfing destination, where people come looking for wind and waves, it still has everything you need for relaxing beach holiday – including several natural and historical attractions. Whether you want to just hang on the beach or prefer action, looking to rent luxury villa or cheap guest house, eager to try exotic dishes or prefer Western cuisine, want to play gold or decide to spend a day in spa, going for clubbing every night or looking for a quiet family place –  Mui Ne has it all.

And last but not least,  its absolute charm and unique relaxed ambiance of surfers paradise. You will not see any tall building here just yet. Local resorts are mostly 1-2 floor cottages hidden in lush tropical gardens. The fishing village still coexists with tourist area. Lights of fishing boats twinkle in the darkness of the ocean till dawn, and then suddenly disappear to give way to kites…

Kitesurfing in Mui Ne.

Mui Ne has become the adrenaline capital of Vietnam. Ocean is warm all year round and beaches are relatively wide with fine sand. But these warm waters are almost never calm. The wind chills you down – and brings waves. Surf is good from

August to December. On windless days you can also do SUP (stand up paddle board) or rent jet ski.

And the kitesurfers’ dream – strong stable wind – blows here from October till April-May.

It may seem very tricky, but in fact anybody can learn how to kite. Dozens of kite schools will be happy to teach you kiting. We’ve chosen the best ones that we recommend – have a look here (list of kiteschools with links).

And if it is still too much adrenaline for you,  there are so many nice places on the beach where you can enjoy sea breeze and watch hundreds of colorful kites above the water.

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Article by Anara Karagul  (Mui Ne Kite School)


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