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Famous Mui Ne Icon Torn Down.

As recognizable as the Empire state building and in it’s last few months as wonky as the Leaning tower of Pisa, the elevated lifeguard hut at the former Wax beach club (now VKS) has finally met it’s demise. Due to the strong storms and huge swells that end of the beach this year nearly half of the resorts concrete veranda was washed away leaving the hut precariously balanced at a 45 degree angle.

Today was crunch day and a group of enthusiastic Vietnamese workers set about it with hammer and poles until it finally gave way and slid with a resounding crash onto the public beach.

So we  pay homage to the great little shack knowing that it took with it some amazing memories of late night couples shenanigans under her roof, long lazy days with a certain Mr Drew Parsons holed up their in his hammock and the endless bombarding of shite music when Wax Beach club was the place to be seen and heard in Mui Ne.

Rest in pieces little shack and our morning game of Frisbee will not be the same without you looking over us.



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