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Vietnam police change uniforms after 18 years

Officers across all police forces in Vietnam began going to work in new outfits as of June 6th, with the Ministry of Public Security seeking to increase the quality and consistency of their uniforms.

Under a government directive, the public security ministry has been allowed to change the spring-summer and autumn-winter uniforms for all police forces.

Following the introduction of the spring-summer collection, officers will start wearing the autumn-winter uniforms on November 1, according to the ministry.

The new uniforms have the same colors as the previous ones, but are produced using better quality materials.

The uniform styles are made to be consistent among forces, in terms of how the collars should be folded, and which badge officers should wear on their shirt’s neck.

The new uniforms replace those that have been in use since 1998, which the public security ministry said had some “shortcomings of consistency and beauty.”

The new outfits are also meant to make police uniforms more distinguishable, at a time when many other sectors and forces have uniforms that look similar to those of police officers, the ministry said.


New uniforms for security force


New uniforms for other police forces

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