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Stunning Cu Lao Cau Island in Binh Thuan

Cu Lao Cau or Cu Lao Cau island is 110 km from Phan Thiet city and belongs to the Phuoc The commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. It is a Mecca for those  interested in nature, extreme sports and adventurous travel thanks to the smooth sandy beach, cool water and majestic hills and mountains.

General information about Cu Lao Cau Island

Two households inhabit  the island. They have the close relationship with Mr. Tu Huu who is living there.

In the isle, people use generators at sundown . There is also a border station and a well of fresh water on the island.

cu lao cau island

You have to ask for permission from the border guards who set their base in Lien Huong town because Cu Lao Cau is under their control. Or you can call for Mr. Tu Huu (0932144454) if you need further advice and help.

The best time to visit Cu Lao Cau Island

Before leaving, you should make the plan carefully about itinerary, weather, etc to have a perfect holiday.

The best time for visiting is from January to July when the weather is very cool.

cu lao cau island 4

How to get to Cu Lao Cau:

There are many ways to travel to the Island, you can travel from Phuoc The port, Lien Huong town, Vinh Tan commune (Binh Thuan) or Ca Na port (Ninh Thuan).

Ca Na port – Cu Lao Cau: It is around a one hour boat ride.

The wharf in Lien Huong town:

If you chose this site for departure, you have to go by canoe via the Marine Conservation Center. Also, you should book in advance  with Mr. Lap (0918335617), or Mr. Quang (0915816131), the owner of Song En boat company, the price is affordable from around 250.000VND (11.20 USD)/ round-trip ticket/person.

cu lao cau island 3

Phuoc The port:

Here, you can travel by wooden fishing boat  to get to Cu Lao Cau, (contact with Mr. Vu – 0976688075) in 30 minutes. Besides, you can travel by canoe of Cu Lao Cau Conservation Center in the morning. However, it only departs with a large number of visitors (contact to the boat owner: 0909816131).

Accommodation and dining on the island

If you want to stay overnight on the island, you should firstly ask permission of the border guards because the island is under their control. Don’t forget to bring along a tent, sleeping bag or you can sleep at Mr. Tu Huu’s house.

Cu Lao Cau is a small and quiet Island so you should prepare food before getting to the island. Besides, there is only the Song Bien restaurant belonging to Mr. Tu Huu, which offers several drinks and instant noodles, etc. Seafood here is very fresh, tasty and quite cheap and if you want to enjoy rice or seafood, you should book in advance for Mr.Tu Huu.

cu lao cau island 2

Fresh water on the island is quite rare; however if you want to have a bath you can buy water of Mr.Huu with the price of 20.000VND (0.90 USD)/ 10 liters.

Things to do and see on the Cu Lao Cau:

The  Island is rather small so you can easily visit the Island in one day with several interesting places such as Love cave, Tam Tien beach, Yen cave, Ba Hon cave, Nam Hai temple.

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